Glory in the Highest

December 12, 2010

The children's choir that Kim Smith has helped develop from Awanas sang with the Celebration Choir in the first part of our Christmas musical.

The children's choir was one of the highlights of our traditional Church Street Christmas service on Sunday evening at Mableton First Baptist.

Thanks to Jeff White for taking these available light photos since I was in the choir.

This was our preschool group led by Jennifer Brooks and Heather Daniell.

The adult choir did three numbers including "Go Tell!" in which Kim Smith is doing the solo at right.

Bob Shaw did a terrific version of "The Little Drummer Boy". I would have thought that would be impossible to do on a solo guitar!

Pastor Stephen Byrd does the Christmas Story with the children. There are lots more children this year, which we credit to involvement in the Awana program.

Pastor Stephen asks the children questions about the story when he finishes, and they are very enthusiastic in their response.

The finale of the worship service was the singing of Silent Night with candles.

RTB Christmas Party

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