Visit to Holly Springs

May 8, 2010

Here is Brenda in a real place that she found in a work of fiction. Tyson Drug Co. in Holly Springs, Mississippi is a place mentioned in the Mitford Series books by Jan Karon. Her novels are in the setting of a small town which she modeled after Holly Springs. She has one book called "Home to Holly Springs" which has further details. Since Holly Springs was just off our route to Memphis, we took a lunch break and drove around the town.

Tyson Drug is situated on a corner of the main street that runs by the Courthouse and a couple of the churches that figured in the stories.

Across the street from the Courthouse was the Utley Building, which figured in the stories.

Booker Hardware was a feature in the books. It was very genuine - just like Wright's Hardware in Newport, Arkansas where I grew up. We had lunch in a small cafe across from Tyson's Drug.

Two of the three churches that had a role in the stories were visible from Tyson Drug. I believe that the one on the left is Christ the King. Hillcrest Cemetary was the site of the burials in the stories.

Rust College was mentioned in the books - a predominately black college established soon after the Civil War. After a pleasant drive around the residential areas of Holly Springs, we got back on the highway and headed for Memphis.

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