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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Elyse was very keen on Granddad taking her down to the swamp to hunt for bugs, so we headed out early. Along the way we encountered this black kitten, and Jordan caught up with us on her bicycle. So we played with the kitten for a while. Then she was ready to resume the hunt for bugs, and we found this dragonfly.

When we were visiting in March, I took Elyse to dig in logs near the swamp, and she was intrigued with what we found. So she wanted to do it again. We were digging in stumps and she found a centipede-like creature, and some termites. And she was keen on digging for some more. The termite below is shown at a little more than twice life-size.

Elyse saw this flying thing and thought it was a large mosquito. I told her it was a tiny wasp, but we were both wrong. Not more than a half-inch long, the critter turns out to be a fly. You can pick that up from the nature of its eyes. There are a number of flies that mimic the appearance of bees or wasps as protective bluffs. And this was one that I don't remember seeing before.

Elyse spotted a tiny toadstool down inside the stump.

We moved further down into the swamp and found this nice blue flower with a plant having wide green leaves.

Elyse found this white flower which she thought looked like a seahorse. The yellow flower below was a friend from a previous visit.

When we got back to the house, Elyse ran to the Camellia bush - flowers not only beautiful, but sweet-smelling as well.

Sitting on the porch, Elyse was playing the recorder. Scooter got in her lap, and when she would play, he would howl! It had us all laughing!

The girls are on the back porch, shucking corn for tomorrow's celebration at Jeff and Leslie's. Darla got them motivated to shuck corn by reminding them that they could take the shucks to feed the horses. Scooter is of course at full attention when anything is going on in the yard.

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