Vacation Bible School at Mableton First Baptist

June 6-10, 2010

The Vacation Bible School theme was "Saddle Ridge Ranch". David Moore made up a neat background set, and Mike Anderson along with Kim Smith and April Ludwick led the opening and closing ceremonies.


The strong Sunday evening beginning was the culmination of a lot of work by the VBS Directors, Becky Ridgway and Janet Vineyard. Jennifer Brooks has worked with VBS for many years and again made a strong contribution.

There was lots of excitement as children and teachers gathered for the first session.

Mike, Kim and April lead the opening session on Sunday, June 6.

The opening session had active songs with motions, so these kids are getting into it. Noah Lara, Connor Smith, Grayson Bartlett and Katherine Vela.

There were 10 groups from Pre-K to 5th grade gathered with their leaders. Cowboy hats and all sorts of cowboy gear was encouraged for the week.

I was glad when they said unto me, "Let us go into the house of the Lord!" Psalm 122:1

While encouraged to wear a cowboy hat if they had one, they were told to wear any kind of hat. Ruth Floyd had by far the biggest hat! Jolina Dorgan, Rhea Gravett, Daniele Smith,Megan Griffin, and Matthew Dickey had their hats. Dylan Llewallyn didn't have one this day.

Ray Skibba with some of his VBS group (Completed K, Class #2). Alex Mendez, Rhea Gravett, Dylan Llewallyn and Riley Brooks.

On Wednesday night, Pastor Stephen dramatized the story of sin and salvation by getting the children to play the roles of God, Adam and Eve. Then he assigned the role of sin to Mike, and collected three children to represent humanity. Sin separated the people from God. As in the Bible, the people tended to get a little distracted, but the dramatization held their attention and got the message across clearly.

Pastor Stephen Byrd greets the children as they head out for their first VBS class session. The formal foyer contrasts with hay bales and saddles.

Elaine and Billy Ridgway were the pre-school Bible Story teachers. They had the room set up as a campsite, with light on a piece of cloth which was waving in the airstream of a blower to look like a dancing flame. The children loved it. And no one is going to do a better job with Bible stories than Elaine.

Elaine dramatized the telling of the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand with the children.

Kim White directed the music session for preschoolers. Here Kelsey White welcomes in the Completed Pre K, Class #1 group accompanied by one of their leaders, Jennifer Good. Andrew Short, Aubrey Byrd, Makenzie Gilman, Malayna Tamborra, and Lily Helton seem happy to be here.

Kim and Kelsey start their music session with this preschool group.

Kim White and Sue Daniel lead this preschool music group to play rhythmn instruments while singing praise songs. Karla Ayers is a leader of this preschool group and assists with the music for her group.

Below Kim and Halley White lead a large group in action praise songs.

Kim and Halley White form a marching band with this preschool group.

The children always seemed engaged and interested in the varieties of musical experience that had been planned.

Melissa Graham, Wanda Nickols, Delores Ammons and Lori Kelley were the team for the preschool crafts. Here Wanda and Caitlin Ayers assist one of the groups with a guitar craft.

All the groups had refreshment time at the Big Sky Grill. Above the youngest group, Pre K Class #1 has refreshments and then a time of recreation on the playground.

The refreshment team shown includes Shirley Pattison, Sharon Lance, Bobbie Jackson, Elise Rowland and Peggy Richardson. Others who served on the refresment team were Heather Daniell and Penny Skibba.

A preschool group at refreshment time.

Jennifer Byrd teaches the school age Bible study for VBS.

A room full of 4th and 5th graders for the Bible study.

Jennifer Ridgway teaches the school age mission study in a cave called "Firefly Cavern" or something like that.

Kim Smith and April Ludwick lead the music station for the Grades 1-5 kids. Rhonda Short also worked with the music session. They worked on teaching them the songs they sung in the opening sessions in the auditorium and reinforced the message of the songs.

The beginning stages of the craft projects in the craft room for Grades 1-5. Vicki Baker, Jennifer Neilson, Erica Ledbetter, Jennifer Brooks and Fallah McLean worked with these crafty kids. Above, Emily Chen, Jessica Ayoub, Courtney McDonald, Graham Johnson, Dalton Seay and Hunter Rowland work on the setup of their project. At left, Jennifer Neilson assists as Michael Goodrich, Brian Tucker, Logan Todd and Christian Griffin do their sketches.

Craft leaders Vicki Baker, Jennifer Neilson and Fallah McLean assist with crafts. Jo Templeton is a leader of this Completed 2nd grade group.

Greg Musgrove and Chuck Smith serve as members of the security team and circulated each night. They are all dressed out as western sherriffs. Harold Dunn also served on the security team and Brenda Nave was the nurse for the VBS. Others on security were Phillip Vineyard and Chask Holley.

A security team member was present anytime any child was outside the building.

Pat Peal, James Young and Rebecca Young headed up the "Chuck Wagon", providing food and refreshment for the VBS volunteers. They were assisted by Winkie Durand, Lucy Durand, Bobbie Weaver and Anita Hardie. Jimmy Gilbert is one of the beneficiaries of this nice service. Lots of volunteers have to come from work, and it is a big help to be able to get a snack supper before their sessions.

Behind the scenes is a Ridgway tech team. Scott, Jennifer and Rick Ridgway operate the sound, video and lights for the opening and closing sessions in the sanctuary.

Also behind the scenes was service in the Nursery by Neil and Gayle Hunter, Leigh and Lee Miller and Betty Miller.

The recreation team was Evan Baker, Megan Cooper, Michael Harris and Buzz Rowland.

Many thanks to David and Derinda Moore for the main auditorium set and the decorations throughout the VBS area along the western "Saddle Ridge Ranch" theme.

VBS group pictures

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