A Bluebird Pair Takes up Residence

May 18, 2010

Last year we had a bluebird pair in our bluebird house after several years of rejection by the bluebird inspection committee.

Up to five bluebirds would come and inspect our houses in detail, and then apparently turn up their noses at them and go away. This couple looks like the ones who nested last year, so maybe we have at last gained approval.

The blue of the male's plumage is so bright that it seems to be glowing! And I think it is - either by blue-sky like scattering, fluorescence like the blue morpho butterfly, or photonics like the peacock feathers.

The male bluebird is very vigilant, and merciless in his attacks on the squirrels who dare to come close to his house.

He did tolerate the presence of this cardinal in his territory.

The downy woodpecker didn't seem to bother the bluebird, and the big redhead stayed on the opposite side of the tree.

The grosbeak has been just an occasional visitor before this year, but we have seen him often this year. They prefer to feed on the ground.

Scout Troop 531 reunion

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