We start the new year with a snow.

January 8, 2010

Snow started coming down gently on the afternoon of January 7 and in the morning we had an inch or so of accumulation, enough to be beautiful and white. The rarity of snow in Atlanta brings us out toplay a little, so Brenda explores the snow in the back yard.

In anticipation of the snow, Rod had made sure the bird feeders were full. This downy woodpecker seems to be appreciative - they prefer the suet to anything else we put out.

Brenda and I went out to explore the snow, but we found that several things had beaten us out. At left below, a cat had checked out the house. In center, a rabbit was exploring, and fortunately didn't cross paths with the cat. At right, birds were exploring the snow.

The wren is also a suet lover. We were glad to see the cardinals back - we haven't seen them in a while.

We only see these small dark migratory birds at this time of year. We have seen large flocks of them, but this time there were just a few arriving with the snow. Rod examines the snow on the vehicles - its just a little snow, but an excuse to get out and play.

We are proud to provide some food for our old friend the titmouse.

I liked this portrait of a titmouse. They have a lot of personality. A nuthatch and a chickadee share one feeder while a pair of wrens stick to their favorite suet.

Brunch with our Sunday School class

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