Visit with Darla and the Girls

April 27-30, 2011

Darla had a conference scheduled for her as well as Pam and Amy, co-workers with the childrens program at Northshore Church. We were pleased because Darla brought along the girls to visit with us.

When Rod got home from his final exam on Thursday, the girls were keen on walking (running, clowning?) on the treadmill in the office. Aunt Sherry arrived and she and Grandma Brenda took them shopping and to the Shriner's Circus.

With a beautiful day and Rod finished with classes, it was a great time for a trip to Sweetwater Park on Friday.

Park Hike

The afternoon's activities included a World War II era play written by Ashleigh and performed by Ashleigh, Jordan and Elyse. It featured Ashleigh as an escaping prisoner, Elyse as a Jewish prisoner, and Jordan as a sympathizer, I think.

The actresses take a bow on their front porch stage.

The evening's activity involved torturing the little one with the dental drill in Rod's shop.

The setting was pretty realistic, and Elyse as the victim, er .. patient, was in good dramatic form.

Rod and the girls to Sweetwater Park
Off to Arizona and Saguaro National Park

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