Chili Supper with Sunday School Class

January 27, 2012

We planned a casual chili supper for fellowship with the Sunday School class and greatly enjoyed the time for food and fellowship. Everyone was great about bringing chili, salads, bread, etc. We had a total of 28 persons present, and everyone seemed to relax and spread out to the two tables and to the den.

We had five pots of chili, lots of cornbread, salads, fruit, and desserts. If you went away hungry, it was your own fault!

Gathered in the breakfast room were Betsy Weaver, Robin Ford, Edna and Roger Goldsborough, Joe and Vicki Baker.

In the dining room were Mike and Cheryl Anthony, John Ford, Roger Speight. Not shown are Brenda Speight, Chris and Karla Ayers.

It was a good time for relaxing conversation and getting to know each other better.

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