An enthusiastic group of Awana boys and girls attended breakfast and a trial Awana Grand Prix , January 21.

Our Ga Tech BSU Alumni group met at the Hammonds on January 21.

We enjoyed a chili supper with our Sunday School class on January 27.

February 5 was Awana Day at church with the children singing and with lunch and the Awana Grand Prix.

Jeff and family arrived late on Friday, February 17 for their Mardi Gras visit.

We had a lock-in for the children on Friday night, February 24.

We went to Pearl River for spring break, Feb 26-March 2.

Spring events

It's spring again, so just a little bouquet.

Checking out another bird-feeder that claims to be "squirrel-proof".

Shirley came from Little Rock for a spring-break visit, March 20-24.

We took the Torres family with us to Bent Tree for the day on March 31.

We returned to Bent Tree on April 6 to take care of a plumbing problem.

More springtime events.

On April 21 I got the privilege of watching a pileated woodpecker in our back yard.

On April 29 we drove to Big Canoe for the Georgia Festival Chorus concert and spent the night at Bent Tree.

On May 2 we headed up to Cleveland, TN to visit Philippe and Mary Sue.

On May 4 we made it to Newport, Arkansas and settled in at Bobbie and Suzanne's for a visit with the family there.

On May 11 we went to the graduation of Georgia Baptist College of Nursing to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Brenda's graduating class.

On May 16 we had the privilege of another visit with the pileated woodpecker.

On May 17 we traveled to Pensacola, Florida for a weekend visit with Jeff and family.

June 3-7 is Vacation Bible School time, with an aviation theme.

We look forward to our 50th Wedding Anniversary on June 22, so we have spend some time praising the Lord as we look backward.

We enjoyed the 50th Anniversary celebration on June 23 and Jeff and family stayed around a couple of days for family activities.

In remembrance of Uncle Albert, July 3

Suzanne and Mary come to visit on July 12 and we joined them at the Aquarium. We enjoyed visits to the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Stone Mountain, the Peachtree Plaza Hotel, and the Atlanta Zoo.

The Ga Tech BSU alumni group met at Nancy Bonds' home on July 21.

We had our big Backpack event at MFBC for back-to-school supplies on July 29.

On August 2 we headed out to Sacramento for a celebration of Wanda's 80th birthday with her family. We then made a loop to Yosemite, Mammoth Lakes, Mono Lake and Lake Tahoe. We headed back to Dunnigan for a last visit with Wanda and family before heading home.

Awana boys went to Bent Tree on September 8.

Some Fall happenings.

We celebrated the 125th Anniversary of Mableton First Baptist Church on October 13-14.

Rod visited Mark on a movie set on October 17.

We celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Brenda's graduation from Georgia Baptist Hospital School of Nursing on October 19-20.

We had a men and boys overnight at Bent Tree November 9-10.

Jeff and family arrived for their much anticipated Thanksgiving visit on November 16. We always look forward to the family gathering for Thanksgivng dinner.

One of Mark's jobs was building a spiral staircase for a television pilot, November 25.

We were off to Pearl River on December 21 for Christmas with Jeff and family. We enjoyed Christmas morning at Jeff's, our traditional Christmas day at the Moyle's, and a celebration of Elyse's birthday on the 26th.

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