50th Anniversary Celebration

June 23, 2012

We had a very enjoyable reception at the church, arranged by Jeff and Darla and Mark, with assistance from Marty Dye. We are very appreciative of their efforts on our behalf - it was a wonderful occasion.

We could just relax and enjoy the event because of all the behind-the-scenes work done by the four ringleaders for the event. The guys give the lion's share of credit to daughter-in-law Darla, but sons Mark and Jeff and Marty Dye (considered as a member of the family) worked to make this memorable occasion happen. Thanks and blessings to you!

The ringleaders' apprentices were granddaughters Ashleigh, Jordan and Elyse. They helped with all sorts of things, and thanks to Ashleigh and Jordan for taking most of the pictures.

Just about the time we were getting things started, we were delighted to see the Moyles walk in.

Seeing Dave and Judy certainly got things off to a good start.

Our big surprise was when Judy and Dave Moyle walked in the door, having just arrived from Pearl River, Louisiana. Darla and Jeff had kept that as a surprise to us, and a pleasant surprise it was!

They had thoughtfully provided a nice table at which we could sit to receive guests, and the Moyles settled in with us there. But we had a hard time staying there - it was just too much fun to run around and interact with everyone. The centerpiece bouquet had been sent to us by Dave and Judy.

This was a time for celebrating with treasured friends. Bob and Bobbie Jackson were at our wedding 50 years ago and Bob sang. Also we greeted Kathryn Cain speaks with Bob, and Lloyd and Elizabeth Ogburn are seated in the background.

We were also pleased to see Roger and Revonda who drove in from north Georgia and Stacy from west of us. Roger and Roni told us of taking the grandchildren fishing and to some of their events, so they are involved grandparents to Roni's family.

Rod greets Brenda's cousin Pat Ergle. Richard and Pat Ergle top, Aunt Dorothy Watts and cousin Marie Ergle Lewis right, Richard and Pat greet cousins Charles and Martha Ann Davis at bottom.

Stacy, Sherry and Elyse get together above. Above right Brenda with Kathryn Cain. At right Andy Gosnell talks with Sam Davis - two retired railroad men.

A table of long-time dear friends. Bill Stipe, Bailey Richardson, Carol Huffman, Barbara Porter, Carole Richardson, Barbara and Jerry Stargel, Kathryn Cain.

More treasured friends: Sara Payne and Joyce McWaters left, Jim and Sharon Lance, Sara Stipe right.

Brenda greets Betty Trotter. She and Harold are not far from their 60th anniversary!

Kim and Halley White and Roger and Jesslyn Frater from our current Sunday School class.

Jeff and Darla get to visit with contemporaries from our old Bible Study group. Wendy and Kevin Bartlett with sons Grayson and Mckade, and Wendy's parents Richard and Pat Peal.

Jennifer and Corky Brooks, Carol Hall, Linda and Jim Stearn join in the celebration.

Rod with Chris and Rosa Suarez left. At right Antonio and Monica Serna-Hernandez with children Ivana and Daniel. We have known Monica's father Porfirio Hernandez for over thirty years.

Christi and Michael Scarbro arrive and interact with Grayson and Mackade Bartlett.

Brenda with long-time nursing friends Peggy Cooper and Anne Newton.

Visiting with the Nesbit family. Brenda speaks to Janet Vineyard. Junior Nesbit right and Lois (inset) with Al Vineyard behind.

Ray and Gennie Hembree drove down from Alpharetta. At left they visit with Ruth Floyd.

Brenda with Lloyd and Elizabeth Ogburn and Sharon and Jim Lance. Below, Johnny and Carol Huffman.

Geneva Hembree, Barbara Stargel and Brenda get together. We have fond memories of being in a Sunday School class with them.

From left, Kathy Wilkes visits with us. We were glad to see two of our neighbors, Billie Vinson and John Scott. Also Faye Martin at bottom right.

Others present were Greg and Judy Hanthorn, Waymon and Joyce Story, Mike and Cheryl Anthony, Eddie and Jennifer Good, Morgan Johnson, Robin McWaters, Keith and Betsy Weaver, Lib Gunter, Evelyn Davis, Angie Roland.

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