Family Activities

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dave and Judy stayed around after the 50th Anniversary Celebration to attend church with us on Sunday and we had dinner with the whole family before they headed back toward Louisiana.

Visit to Coke Museum

Monday, June 25, 2012

All of us plus Marty took off for the Coke Museum. Marty took this photo of us near the entrance.

Soon we were immersed in Coke memorabilia. Elyse poses with one of the big-lips characters above left, and Jordan and Elyse were by one of the many displays of Coke paraphernalia.

An interesting historical detail in the museum was the fact that Newport, Arkansas was one of the first bottling companies, dating to 1919. Curious to me because I spent time around the Dr. Pepper bottling company in Newport during the early 1950's with friend Donald Stamps whose father was in management for Dr. Pepper. I was intrigued with the heavy-duty bottle mold which was on display.

The area that drew the most reaction was the tasting area where you could tast Coke products from around the world. Quite a variety of products, and quite a variety of facial expressions in response to the sometimes strange tastes.

Grandma Brenda and Elyse on a taste tour. Elyse pushes the button after setting a mix of some of the drinks indicated on the buttons above.

We finished up in the tasting room with the big coke bottle, and of course a trip through the shop on the way to the exit. The Coke Museum is nicely located just across from the Georgia Aquarium.

In Memory of Uncle Albert

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