Return to Bent Tree

April 6, 2012

I'm always looking for a wilderness illusion shot, where nothing manmade is in the frame. These four deer provided this opportunity, even though they were right beside the road on Chestnut Cove Trail.

We enjoyed the trip last week with the Torres family to open up and clean the house and check on everything. We left with the problem of the high pressure popoff valve on the hot water heater opening, so I had to arrange a repair this week. We went up to check on that repair and enjoyed the day there with the new spring growth.

We headed out early to Bent Tree to open the house and check on everything. Noe and Maria Torres with sons Noe and Angel went with us. Usually nothing much is out on this date, but with this year's early spring, the trees had all sprouted lush green leaves. It was notable that there was almost no ground cover, and it usually precedes the leaves. This is a strange spring.

Springtime happenings

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