More Springtime Events

From our breakfast table we enjoyed the cardinal on April 2 and this young jay on April 4. We have watched the dramatic transformation of our back yard to lush green over the past week.

This view of the back yard was just before we left for Bent Tree on April 6, and it was nearly as lush as the forested mountains around Jasper.

April 7. Jeff and Ashleigh on the NOBTS campus before the Crescent City Classic, a famous 10K race through New Orleans. Ashleigh was excited about having done the race, and both she and Jeff got to show off their new shirts in the afternoon. We got to see Jeff's shirt when he and Elyse face-timed us in the afternoon.

At the same time, we got to see Elyse with her new look after losing the second of her two front teeth. She is taking it all in fun, and seemed to enjoy making faces for us on facetime.

On April 8 we were pleased to get to see Mark after three weeks or so of intense work as construction foreman on a pilot for a TV program. He worked about 88 hours one week! He was about to take off for Chattanooga to do welding for the Jackie Robinson Story which is doing some location shots at a stadium there. Since we didn't know whether we'd get to see him near his birthday on the 13th, Brenda whipped together a little celebration of his birthday.

Fortunately, the schedule for this job was not as intense as the last one, so he did get to come by on Sunday the 15th of April and we took him out to lunch.

Pileated woodpecker

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