Spring Events

Jeff and family went camping on the weekend of March 16. Darla wanted to go camping as part of her birthday celebration. The only thing unusual about this campsite that I see is the two books lying on the table. Not many families take a library with them camping.

By March 17, our spring flowers were abundant in this early spring.

Brenda had been wanting to get family together to celebrate the birthday of Aunt Dorothy Watts, so she decided to have breakfast at the house on Tuesday, March 20. They were to arrive at 8:30, but I had to go off to class at 7am. When I returned at 11, they were still sitting at the table enjoying the conversation. Clockwise are Brenda, Richard and Pat Ergle, Marie Eargle Lewis, Sherry, Dorothy Watts. So I joined in for second breakfast.

Ashleigh's 14th birthday was March 23, so they sent us a couple of photos from her birthday celebration - with gifts that Grandma Brenda had a part in - a painting canvas and an outfit for her bear.

A spring bouquet

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