Awana Lock-in

February 1-2, 2013

An enthusiastic group of 39 girls and 10 boys gathered for a Friday night lock-in. Girls leaders were Lana Ebert, Jennifer Ridgway, Leigh Ridgway Miller, Jennifer Byrd, April Ludwick and Suzanne Altshul. Boys leaders were Chris Ebert, Lee Miller, Rod Nave, and John Ford. After a pizza supper we had crafts and Bible study, then an extended game of Sardines with groups hiding all around the church. We finished with a movie, and both boys and girls groups finally quieted down to sleep between 1 and 2 am.

We started Saturday morning with a pancake breakfast prepared by John Ford as pancake cook and Johnny Huffman. Joe Burkhardt came in to help with breakfast as well. Here Leigh Miller and Chris Ebert serve pancakes to one of the boys' tables.

This was John Ford's view for quite a while on Saturday morning as these kids went through four boxes of pancake mix! Johnny was kept busy mixing.

This was a hungry bunch of kids. They had already had one pancake, and this was the line for seconds. It kept John and Johnny busy back in the kitchen, making more pancakes.

<1--Chris Ebert, Leigh Ridgway, Jennifer Byrd serve-->

After breakfast, Leigh and Lee Miller gather everyone into a circle for a game of "pass the chicken"

Lee Miller sits down on one side of the circle.

And Leigh Miller sits down on the other.

Leigh tries the megaphone to communicate instructions.

Lee holds up the "chicken" to start the game. (It's really a stuffed turkey.)

The girls above await the passing of the turkey, .. er, "chicken". Finally it's on the way.

The game really kept the kids alert and engaged.

Lee tracks the "chicken" around the circle as the one who is "it" rushes to name the list of objects assigned.

The chicken is passed quickly around the circle as the pace of the game picks up.

Finally the last pass of the "chicken" comes and everyone prepares to go home. A memorable lock-in and a good time of Christian fellowship.

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