Love Loud Team at Mableton Day

May 18, 2013

Our Love Loud team provides a booth at the big celebration of Mableton Day at the Mable House site. Here Tony Mode, Barry Long, Pastor Stephen Byrd and Becky Ridgway hand out literature for the church and also for the upcoming Vacation Bible School.

Our first team was Evan Baker, Vickie Baker, Janet Vineyard and Becky Ridgway. Al Vineyard was also part of the early team.

The next team included Joyce Story, Matt Smith and Tony Mode.

We were stocked up with ice, cups and syrup, and the SnoCone machine got a workout.

It was a good opportunity for Pastor Stephen Byrd to interact with folks from the community.

Becky Ridgway, Pastor Stephen, Tony Mode and Barry Long interact with folks out in front of the snocone booth.

Activity was brisk at the SnoCone booth all morning.

Tony and Barry handed out a lot of church and Vacation Bible School information, as well as just being a friendly presence.

Face painting and SnoCones were part of the celebration of Mableton Day.

Matt Smith stays busy throughout his shift, putting on syrup and handing out the completed snocones.

Tony even gets to interact with young people he had met in ROTC.

Matt Smith fixes a custom snocone for Livi.

John and Robin Ford and Karla Ayers show up to take the third shift, and Matt and Joyce are involved in the shift change. Barry is still on duty.

Robin with a snocone for Barry. The whole morning was busy with a lot of positive interaction. It was good to be involved in a community event.

Celebration for Dave Moyle

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