Jeff and Family Visit During Mardi Gras

February 28 - March 4 , 2014

A relaxed breakfast for Jeff and Darla after a rather complicated arrival. Jeff was in Arkadelphia, Arkansas for a meeting, and Shirley teaches there. She gave him a ride to the Little Rock airport and I picked him up at the Atlanta airport a little after 9pm. Darla drove up from Pearl River with Jordan and Elyse and arrived a bit after 10pm. Ashleigh had joined a friend's birthday celebration trip to Universal Studios in Orlando and didn't make the trip with the family.

We went to Heritage Park on Fontaine Road on March 1 with the idea of walking to the old mill on that trail. Elyse starts out with a joyful ride on her big sister at the pavilion.

Elyse with Grandma Brenda along the wooden walkways that you encounter a short distance down the trail from the Heritage Park Pavilion.

The Heritage trail is a boardwalk through the wetland area, and Elyse and Jordan are off running.

The trail was wide and well-maintained, but there were plenty of wilder places to explore off to the side.

Jordan found a large fallen tree that bridged the creek, so she had a good time on it.

Elyse joins Jordan in the exploration of the fallen tree.

The creek was a great place to explore.

There were two building ruins from an old mill which stood along the creek. Steel frames had been erected to protect the remaining walls.

There were places to climb on the smaller of the ruins.

We then hit the trail back because it was getting late and we still hadn't made our planned trip to the new Krispy Kreme location nearby. With a four mile walk this afternoon, we felt we could indulge in a donut.

Continuing the visit

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