Jeff and Family Visit

March 2 , 2014

We had an active day on Saturday, and Mark was able to join us for Sunday dinner so we were having great fun.

Marty came up and we decided to disturb the neighborhood with a few rounds from the potato cannon.

We harassed the squirrels around the bird feeder. We never hit one, but we got close enough to spook them.

We had a good time just messing around in the basement and shop.

Off to Sweetwater

The day was relatively mild, so we decided to take off to Sweetwater Park for a walk along the Factory Shoals.

The shoals change character greatly, depending on the water level. I like these long smooth cascades you get when the water is relatively high.

The beautiful blue sky was enough to bring out this kayaker as well as us and a lot of other hikers.

This is what Elyse came for! She had been talking to us about jumping on the rocks.

We made it to the "factory", the remaining walls of the New Manchester Manufacturing Company, Civil War mill producing cotton cloth for sheets and tents. The plant burned by Sherman's troops on the way to burn Atlanta.

You get an interesting view of the shoals through the openings in the walls.

We headed on down the rocky trail beside the shoals.

Finally we get to a place where Elyse and Jordan can get out on the rocks.

We joked about the two vultures that were camped out high in a pine tree, watching them walk on these slippery rocks.

Jeff tosses a large flat rock out to Darla, for her to skip, I guess. With operations like this going on, no wonder those vultures are hanging around hopefully!

We enjoyed watching the girls hop about on the rocks of the shoals.

About 5:30 we headed back up the shoals toward the entrance and headed home for supper.

While I was appreciating my sturdy hiking boots on those rocks and gravel beds, Jeff did the whole hike barefoot!

Mark came back out for supper and they decided to harass the squirrels a bit more with the potato cannon.

Elyse operates the plunger to push in the potato for the final shot. So ends a rather crazy day of family fun.

Spring at Last!

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