Trip to Pearl River and New Orleans

February 20 - 23 , 2014

We traveled to Pearl River in the Sienna and the Chevrolet S10 pickup to leave the pickup for Ashleigh in particular as she is taking her driver's education to get her license. Here we have made it almost to Meridian.

Our reason (or excuse) to visit with Jeff and Darla was for me to attend the Greer-Heard Forum on the NOBTS campus. Jeff drove me in across Ponchetrain for the Friday afternoon session and attended it with me.

The Greer-Heard Forum had the title "God and Cosmology". The speakers were: front row L-R: Robin Collins of Notre Dame, Tim Mauldin of U. of Pittsburgh and Bob Stuart(NOBTS), back row: William Lane Craig of Talbot School of Theology, Alex Rosenberg of Duke, Sean Carroll of Cal Tech and James Sinclair, Warfare Analyst for US Navy.

We enjoyed the opportunity to have breakfast with Judy and visited the Slidell municipal offices where some award-winning local art was displayed. This is Ashleigh's alligator drawing. Two proud Grandmothers observe.

Jeff and Family: Mardi Gras Visit

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