A Beautiful Snow Day

February 13, 2014

On the third day of the winter storm that closed Georgia State University and essentially every school or college in metro Atlanta, we awoke to a beautiful new coating of soft fluffy snow. It stuck to the trees and shrubs and created a winter wonderland.

The soft white new snow stuck to everything.

The side yard with most of our bird feeders was covered, and was soon very busy with birds that sometimes must have numbered a hundred.

The soft new snow put an even blanket on the back yard, and I loved the view of the snow clinging to the tree limbs.

The left side of the back yard had some of the prettiest tree coverings with snow.

The view of the back yard from the parking area shows how the snow was clinging to the shrubs.

Then when you looked up at the tree tops in the back yard, the snow clinging to the bare limbs gave an unusual beauty.

The bare trees across the road also put on fancy snow dresses. The Japanese maple and blueberry bushes which had looked so forlorn in the front yard now had fancy snow coverings.

Brenda with the fancy Japanese maple, which had looked so bare yesterday.

Rod with the snow-covered vehicles.

From a sad-looking bare blueberry bush to a lovely work of abstract art in just a couple of pre-dawn hours!

This wide white view of the front of the house was much more benign than the white view I saw from her in the 2011 ice storm when I had to dig my way back across the front yard.

The flowering quince bush at the corner of the house provided another example of snow art.

We thoroughly enjoyed the abundance of birds that came to the feeders in the snow. A tree had fallen across the back fence and dangled branches near the back feeder, which gave them additional perches. At this point I hadn't realized that the limbs had knocked down the biggest feeder, so I had to tromp back there and put it back up.

This lovely lady cardinal was a joy to watch. Several cardinals were attracted to the seed on this snowy day.

The snow on the limbs helped to accent the colors of the cardinal.

The brilliant red of the male cardinals stood out dramatically against the snowy background.

We had quite a few doves to come in to pick up seed off the ground, and they managed the snow quite well. This one on the left did seem a bit puzzled about what was going on with the birdbath.

We were blessed with an abundance of bird visitors today, this jay being one of the last. It was great fun to watch the birds in the snow.

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