VBS Stations, Grades 1-5

"Agency D3", Discover, Decide, Defend! June 1-5, 2014

Following the theme of investigation for the Bible Study session in the location called the "Evidence Vault", Jesslyn Frater leads the Bible study for Grades 1-5 in several sessions. Robin Ford and Ruth Floyd are present, mid right, with their Completed 2nd Grade group.

Scott and Jennifer Ridgway led the Mission Study for Grades 1-5 in the location called the "Map Room". Lisa Pennington with her Completed 1st Grade group.

Suzanne Altschul and Cheryl Anthony lead the crafts for Grades 1-5. Suzanne introduces them to the craft session. John Ford accompanies his Completed 5th Grade group.

Busy with the crafts. Evie Mode encourages her Completed 1st Grade group. Top left and bottom right are part of the Completed 4th Grade group.

Time for a little bit of craziness with this device which must have been put together by Cheryl! It is supposed to be a time machine, I think, given the "flux capacitor" label.

Belinda Baker and Heather Daniell not only led the music in the opening and closing ceremonies for the whole group, they led the music session for the individual Grades 1-5 groups in the music suite. Mid-left, Gail Wade is with her Completed 3rd Grade group and mid-left, Robin Ford is with her Completed 2nd Grade group.

Chris Ebert and Evan Baker led the recreation for Grades 1-5 with lots of active ball games.

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