Appreciation Dinner for Dr. Steve Echols

February 1, 2015

We had an appreciation dinner for Dr. Steve Echols and Julie for his time as our interim Pastor, a period of about six and a half months. There was an abundance of fine food as the members of the congregation responded in the best Baptist potluck fashion.

There was such a large turnout that they had to put up about five more tables, about the capacity of the Fellowship Hall. There were probably 200 or more people present.

About halfway through the festivities, Bud Durand called for our attention to honor Dr. Steve Echols for his service as our interim Pastor.

Bud as elder for personnel was to pay tribute to Steve, but first there was some joking and roasting since both Bud and Steve grew up in the church and knew each other well.

Bud presented from the church a framed picture of the stained glass window with the signatures of church members.

There was also a love gift from the church, which Bud handed to Julie.

It was a wonderful time of fellowship for the church and an occasion for us to express appreciation to Steve for his excellent service.

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