Mini-Conference in Gadsden, Alabama

Saturday, January 28

The North Alabama Chapter of Reasons to Believe sponsored a mini-conference in Gadsden and Glencoe, Alabama. Four members of Atlanta Reasons to Believe went over to participate: Jefrey Breshears, Ben Smith, Colin Green and Rod Nave. We first attended their RTB Chapter Meeting at the clubhouse of a golf course in Glencoe. Nina Dunton is an officer in that chapter and acted as our hostess. She introduced Ken Samples, who spoke on a topic related to his new book, God Among Sages.

We then went to the North Glencoe Baptist Church in Gadsden for the mini conference. The first speaker was Ken Samples.

Mike Licona was the second speaker, with each of them speaking about the evidence for the Resurrection. Jefrey, Ben and I took Mike to the conference location and were able to help a bit with setup and have some time of fellowship with him.

Elder Installation

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