Happy Hearts Banquet

Thursday, February 9

We sat at the table with dear friends at the Happy Hearts banquet. Clockwise from Brenda are Harold and Betty Trotter, Kathryn Cain, Joyce McWaters, and Sara Payne.

The group begins to gather for the Valentine banquet. The Fellowship Hall has been nicely decorated for the occasion.

The group is hard to get settled because everyone is glad to see each other and start fellowship around the room.

The church staff members are the servers, starting with Pastor Clint Miller, Quintell Hill and Becky Ridgway.

Moving along the line, the servers are Louann Harmon and Alex Doriot.

On down the line, the servers are Lana Ebert and Mike Anderson.

Many thanks to our staff who served us, and to those who decorated and planned this enjoyable occasion. Thanks to Bud and Carol Durand for providing games and leading us in singing together.


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