Sitio de Calahonda

Saturday, June 3, 2017

On Saturday we took it easy and in the morning we walked down the Avenida de Espana to the bottom to do some casual shopping.

We loved the bougainvillea on the walls. All the houses were uniform white or some shade of beige, so it was hard to estimate the age of the houses.

Some of the houses were quite elegant, but is this house old or new?

At the bottom of the hill was a big roundabout with the town name on it. We became quite familiar with this roundabout since we had to pass through it every time we went in our out from Club Marbella.

The bougainvillea was incredibly brilliant in this strong sunshine.

Brenda on a tiled bench by one of the nice bougainvillea bushes.

There were lots of heavy wrought iron gates. I think this is a Spanish tradition because we saw lots of them in the ancient cities as well.

Another wrought iron gate, but this one had an elegant stone surrounding.

Cultivating the bougainvillea around the gate added a touch of elegance.

These attractive houses brought Belinda Baker to mind. We had had a pleasant walk down and back up the Avenida de Espana.

One of the ironies of our initial difficulty in getting from our first residence to our second is that now every time we want to access the AP-7 expressway, we follow the route back toward our first residence. From that area of entrance to the AP-7 we could stop and have a look at the sea far below us over the lower dwellings.

Calahonda Baptist Church

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