Visit with Rod's Mother, Newport

We stopped off in Newport to visit Mother on our way out west. Suzanne, Brent and Brian joined us for a visit that evening. Mother is 80 years old. August 1, 1982

Armwrestling at Grandmother's House

It's a guy thing! The boys had a great time armwestling during our brief visit at Mother's on our way out west. August 1, 1982.

Brent watched with great interest as Mark and Jeff armwrestled, and then seemed delighted when he got his turn.

What does it take to delight a little boy?

In retrospect, this picture took me by surprise. I knew the boys had enjoyed being together on that evening in Arkansas on our trip out west, but I take this as a look of sheer delight on Brent's face when he got in on the arm wrestling. August 1, 1982.

Suzanne brought Brent and Brian in to visit with us in the evening after church. Brian was not as actively involved as Brent, but he seemed to enjoy the occasion greatly, as did we all. It was a good time to visit. August 1, 1982

Visit with Mother, Suzanne and Boys

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