The Van Stretches Out on New Mexico's Highways

Rod and Jeff by van in wide-open eastern New Mexico. August 3, 1982

Mark by New Mexico Highway

Mark by roadside in wide-open eastern New Mexico. August 3, 1982

Horses and View Toward Albuquerque

These horses on the range east of Albuquerque gave a good highlight to our view of the mountains toward the west. There was plenty of open space in eastern New Mexico along I-40. August 3, 1982.

Thunderstorm Over Albuquerque

We watched heavy thunderstorm clouds build up over Albuquerque as we approached it from the east. The storms hit us as we climbed out of the city heading west. At this point we are out of the storm, looking back toward Albuquerque at the heavy clouds still hanging over the mountains. It was a pretty spectacular display of thunder and lightning, a desert thunderstorm like we had heard about. August 3, 1982.

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Trip Day 3
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