Painted Desert, Tawa Point

We set up the tripod for this family shot at Tawa Point in the Painted Desert. Rod, Brenda, Jeff and Mark. August 4, 1982.

Indian Paint Brush Near Chinde Point

August 4, 1982.

Jeff and Mark at Chinde Point

At Chinde Point, about halfway around the loop at Painted Desert, we caught Jeff and Mark long enough for a picture. August 4, 1982.

Rod at Pintado Point, Painted Desert

Rod having coffee at Pintado Point in the Painted Desert. We are now in country with great views and open areas where the boys can run around and explore. We enjoyed relaxing a bit in the Painted Desert while the boys chased around after "green-speckled gulley runners". August 4, 1982.

Pintado Point in the Painted Desert. This is the highest point on the Painted Desert loop trail. August 4, 1982.
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Trip Day 4

Painted Desert
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