Setting Up Camp, Grand Canyon

Jeff and Mark setting up their tent at Mather Campground at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Brenda attends to the van in the background. We felt fortunate to be able to get a spot in the heavily-used campground. It had a helpful policy of limiting you to two weeks maximum and requiring a checkin every morning to prevent people from just holding a camping site when they weren't there.

We drove up to the South Rim before daylight to see the sunrise from Yaki Point. We had reluctanly left that beautiful site because we needed to be at Mather Campground before eight to claim a camping place.

I checked with the ranger at the camp entrance and she explained that they processed reservations from 6 to 7, handled renewals from the campground from 7 to 8 and accepted new campers from 8 until the campground was full. I actually signed up a little before 8. When we came back by about 8:45 the "Campground Full" sign was already up.

After settling the campsite for the night we drove out on the East Rim Drive and had breakfast in the camper. A relaxed and pleasant breakfast sitting on the rim of the Grand Canyon - who could ask for more?! The bright morning sun lit the formations of the canyon. August 6, 1982.

Writing Home from Grand Canyon

Brenda found the table in the van a nice place to do her note writing. She did a good job of keeping the folks back home informed with long letters to Mama. August 6, 1982.

Yaki Point sunrise!
Overview of Kaibab Trail area from Yaki Point

Picnic Area, South Rim

We enjoyed the small wildlife wherever we went in the Grand Canyon area. The squirrels we called "furry britches" were quite tame, but we couldn't get too close to the Stellar's jays.
There were other birds such as robins and the species to the left. August 6, 1982.

Thundershower over the Canyon

In the afternoon we decided to ride the West Rim Shuttle and walk part of the way to see more of the rim. We rode to Trail View Overlook and looked across at Grand Canyon Village and The Bright Angel Trail leading down from the ridge in an impressive collection of switchbacks.

We walked the 0.8 miles to Maricopa Point watching thundershowers sweep across the canyon. They caught up with us at Maricopa Point and we had to wait a few minutes in a cold rain for the next bus. Then we stayed on and rode to Hermit's Rest, the end of the line - with a packed bus of people who got caught walking like us. August 6, 1982.

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Trip Day 6
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