Sunrise at Yaki Point

I set the alarm for 4 AM and we headed for the Grand Canyon to see sunrise over the Canyon. It was about 30 miles distant. We crawled out of bed and then moved the boys to the bottom bed so we could lower the pop-top.

Hitting the road at about 4:35 AM, we drove along the straight stretch of road, watching the sky already beginning to lighten in the east. We drove outon the East Rim Drive to Yaki Point, arriving at about 5:25 AM and expecting sunrise at 5:39 AM. I set up my tripod and had my backpack full of cameras standing by.

At first you couldn't see much down in the canyon - you could see the silhouettes of the top of the canyon against the gradually lightening sky. It was an awesome experience - hopefully the pictures will capture it better than words can - but there's nothing like being there. August 6, 1982.

Yaki Point sunrise gradually brightening.

Mark enjoyed the large number of tiny bats which were flying around Yaki Point at daybreak. He would toss up tiny pebbles to get the bats to dip and check them out.

A flat-topped ridge held our attention as we waited for the sun to peak over.

Sunrise at Yaki Point

View into the canyon by the early light
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More early morning views from Yaki Point

Trip Day 6
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