Beaumaris Castle

It was neat to live within walking distance of a genuine castle! The Beaumaris Castle, dating to 1275, was just a three or four block walk from our flat.

We liked the moat. Having a moat was part of our vision of what a castle should look like. We visited with the local physician a few times; he lived right across the street from the castle. We kidded with him about having a problem few people in the world have. In times of heavy rains, the castle moat would overflow into his basement.

This is a somewhat different view of the Beaumaris Castle from the back, showing that is adjoined the pasture for some Holstein dairy cows. We came this way often on our walks around Beaumaris.

At left is the public entrance to the castle for tours and picnics. The inside was not really as fascinating as the outside with the moat as shown above. Since the castle was within 5 minutes or so of our flat, we walked by it many times, often on our way out for walks.

The street parallel to the coast was Castle Street, and you can see the castle at the end of the street above. When built, the castle opened to the Strait so that boats could be brought into it.

The last house on the right above is the Doctor's house, right across the street from the castle. When you needed to see the doctor, you walked to his house and he saw you in his medical room, called the "surgery". One problem with living across the street from the castle was that when the castle moat overflowed during heavy rains, the Doctor got water in his basement. Not many people in the world have trouble with overflowing castle moats!

We became acquained with Dr. Jones and he invited us to dinner along with the Sheridans. Brenda volunteered help to Mrs. Jones with the family planning clinic she was running before Brenda went to work at the hospital. That was Brenda's first experience with being in a group where all the conversation was in Welsh. After that she had tea with Mrs. Jones on occasion.

Past the castle were open fields lined with rock walls, so we took lots of walks past the castle.

Shopping in Beaumaris

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