The Menai Bridge

We crossed this spectacular bridge on our daily trips to work in Bangor. It became one of our favorite landmarks and a continuing source of pleasure.

View of the Menai Bridge from near the road from Beaumaris. This was one of our viewpoints of the bridge as we drove to work.

This is a view of the Anglesey side of the Menai Strait from the Bangor Pier. This shows part of the road from Beaumaris. The spectacular turreted house sitting on the Strait was one of the places we investigated living, but it was a bit too expensive. We were glad in retrospect that we settled in Beaumaris because we thoroughly enjoyed being a part of that village for a year.

This is a view of the village of Menai Bridge on Anglesey as we headed for the Menai Bridge. The neat houses in the winter sunshine made the village look like a toy village. All the houses have their multiple chimneys and are neat and clean. November 19, 1966.

A view of the village of Menai Bridge under the bridge which is its namesake.

The birds along Menai Strait

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