This year found us still very much involved at Bent Tree, but enough of the construction had been completed that we could enjoy the area more. Rod spent a lot of time doing closeup photography of wildflowers. Brenda had to deal with chemotherapy the whole year, but she managed amazingly well. By the end of the year, Rod was able to relax a bit from the fear of recurring cancer. Jeff was active in Cub Scouts and both boys participated in RAs at church. One highlight of the RA involvement was the Associational RA Track Meet - both boys came home with medals. The Cub Scouts made an overnight trip to Cumberland Caverns. In September we went with the Georgia State Univ BSU to Jekyll Island for their pre-school retreat. We made a trip to Spartanburg, SC to visit the Boones. We made our traditional trip to Arkansas for Thanksgiving. Below are links to some images of that year.
  • RA track meets
  • Bonnie and Jeff with string of fish, Bent Tree
  • Brenda at watermelon cutting
  • Jeff and Mark with puppy at Boone's
  • Mark with Pooh
  • Cub Scouts at Cumberland Caverns
  • Mark with Jim with airplane.
  • Brenda and Sisters on Christmas Eve
  • Rod and boys on Christmas Day
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