Brenda family history


Brenda's great grandmother Granny Petticord (center), John Petticord, and Lizzie Bearden working in fields which appear to be in Florida. The album lists the spelling as Peddiecord.

This intriguing picture looks as if it is Granny Petticord visiting the Indian reservation on which she was raised. Those kind of formations can't be found east of the Mississippi, so it could well be Oklahoma. Our understanding is that Frank Johnson married her off the reservation.

Brenda remembers that Uncle Cecil lived out west for a while, so it could be that Granny Petticord was visiting her son out west. Granny Dawson, Cecil's sister, did visit him out west and came back with turquoise stones and started making tamales. Brenda was a teenager at that time.

Another intriguing picture of Granny and Mr John Petticord, presumably at their cabin in Alabama. They look a bit younger than the photos above, but there was no date on the photograph. Brenda remembers the cabin near Birmingham.

Brenda remembers the house when she was about five. She and Wayne would run out on the porch and around through the house and back out again.

Brenda's family history

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