Frank Johnson


This is a young picture of Frank Johnson, Granny Peddicord's first husband and the father of Izora Johnson Dawson, Cecil Johnson and Jenny Johnson. His legal name is noted as Francis Johnson in some locations. He is Brenda's maternal great-grandfather and is native American like Granny Peddicord according to some sources. Others say he was not Native-American at all but married her off the reservation. Yet another opinion was that his mother was Native-American but not his father. We don't know.

Carol Sue thinks a later picture is the wedding day of Izora. If Carol's labeling of that other picture is correct, Izora may be full-blood Cherokee and Frank would be as well.

This picture must date to about 1910.


Frank Johnson, Brenda's great-grandfather, in what seems to be a military setting. It appears to be a scrubboard in a setting that would be like a military barracks. Frank Johnson was the first husband of the great-grandmother who was known to the family as Granny Peddicord, the name of her second husband. Frank is the father of Izora Johnson Dawson, Brenda's grandmother. He is also the father of Cecil Johnson, Aunt Jenny, Aunt Dora and Aunt Ruth.

Some family sources have told us that he was also full-blood Native American like Granny Peddicord, and other sources indicate that he married her off the reservation in Oklahoma, but was not himself Native American.

More formal portrait of Frank Johnson. It seems clear that he was in some kind of military unit. Brenda's mother talked about him fighting in the Civil War, but if the top picture is 1910, then he must have been born in the late 1800s. We have Granny Peddicord's birtdate recorded as Oct 3, 1859, so it might be that he was born at a similar time and the top picture may be earlier than 1910.

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