Family in Kentucky


Edgar's Big Fish

Judging Edgar's age to be about seven places this photo in 1930. The picture is labeled 9 1/2 pounds for the fish.

Edgar with R.O. Owsley. Again judging Edgar's age to be about 7, this is placed in 1930. That would make R.O.'s age 6.

Carl Nave with daughter Dorothy. Since Dorothy was born May 25, 1929, this photo must be sometime in 1930.

Speer families

Back: Albert M. and Nannie Speer, Laura and Emory Speer . Front Thelmarie and Marcus Haden Speer and their daughter. Judging that Albert is about 60, date estimated to be 1930.

Edgar and Dorothy in Kentucky. Dorothy appears to be about eighteen months old, which would place it late in 1930.

Beginning the move to Arkansas, 1932

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