The Nave family prepares to move to Arkansas


Carl Nave had made the move to Newport, Arkansas in April of 1932 while the rest of the family stayed in Owensboro, Kentucky. On June 11, 1933, Edgar went to Arkansas to spend the summer, returning in August.

This picture in Edgar's album was accompanied by a small newspaper clipping, presumably from a personals section in the Owensboro paper. The text read " Mr. Edgar Leland Nave left by motor Sunday for Newport, Ark., to spend the summer with his aunt, Mrs. Leland Bunch. "

The broader view makes it clear that the picture was taken in a rural area, probably one of the farms.

Carl made a trip back to Owensboro on September 12, 1933.

According to Susie Owsley's diary, she and husband Will Owsley separated in October of 1933. They divided the property and he moved to the blacksmith shop.

Edgar's fancy cowboy outfit and the obvious winter bareness of the trees may place this at Christmas of 1933 in Owensboro, Kentucky.

Picnic in Owensboro

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