The First Full Year in Arkansas


Naomi Nave, 1935

After Naomi left Owensboro with Edgar, Dorothy and Wanda on April 22 of 1934, they made their home near Newport, Arkansas. The photo at left was taken from a postage-stamp sized photo in Edgar's album.

Dorothy at age 6 during the first year they lived in Arkansas.

On Dec 21 they returned to Owensboro, Kentucky for Christmas with the family there.

Three Generations, 1935

Grandmother Susie Owsley holds three-year-old Wanda, while 6-year old Dorothy stands in front. Edgar was about 12. Mother Naomi had brought them back after their first full year in Arkansas.

The whole week was the coldest and with the most snow they had seen in years. On Dec 29 they started back to Arkansas but had to spend the night in Cairo, Illinois. They report

"We had to wait most of the night for the ferry. It had gone to take cars across for another ferry that had been sunk by floating ice in the river. When the ferry returned, it took us across, with floating ice bumping the ferry all the way across the river. We were not for sure that we were going to make it. Sure did feel good when we drove off that ferry on the other side."

They reached Newport about 4pm the next day and spent the night with Pearl Bunch before proceeding to the farm the next day.

To 1937 on the farm north of Newport

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