Nave Family History

Family on Farm in Arkansas


Dorothy in angel costume for some kind of drama, presumably at school. The picture is taken beside Aunt Pearl and Uncle Leland's house at 1300 Dill Street, Newport, Arkansas.

Rodney in the back yard of the farmhouse with Carl on the back porch. Perhaps late in 1940. Seen in the background are the big black walnut trees without leaves. They are close to the road that ran in front of the house. Note that the house was unpainted - common for farmhouses of that era.

Rodney with the family dogs in the back yard, which is bare dirt. They are only a few feet from the porch, and this shows the corner of the meathouse where we sometimes stored sugar-cured pork. This shows the position of the barn where we were to spend so much time. It was south of the house on the far side of the garden.

One of the reasons the back yard was bare dirt was that we generally had a sizable flock of chickens that ran freely in that area. I'm thinking that they kept it pecked bare. When we fed them cracked corn, we just scattered it on the dirt and they pecked at it.

Rodney in front of the meathouse. We still called it the "meathouse" when I was a teenager, long past the time when meat was stored there.

Rod with with teddy bear in front of barn.

Carl Nave with team of mules in what appears to be the front yard of the house.

Wanda in 3rd grade.

Since this is labeled 1940, it should be Dorothy's 5th grade school picture.

Dorothy on bicycle with cousin Shelda Sue Owsley. It was probably Shelda Sue's bicycle since Dorothy was visiting in Owensboro, Kentucky with the family when she was 11. She remembered visiting Owensboro when she was 9 as well.

Dorothy, Rodney and Wanda in Aunt Pearl's yard before the asbestos shingle houses were built across the street.

Nave family 1941
1942, Brenda with father

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