Brenda's Family


Marjorie with Brenda. Brenda is about 8 months old, making it about March of 1942. It is still cool, judging from how they are dressed.

Brenda with her biological father, Clyde Mason. He and her Mother, Marjorie divorced during World War II. Brenda is about one year old. Clyde was born in September, 1919.

This is Brenda with her Uncle Roy Dawson at the house on Bankhead Highway at Addie Street, Atlanta, where the family lived during World War II when the men were in the service. Addie Street is visible in the background.

Brenda with her Aunt Adeline Ivey. Labeled 1942.

Majorie with Roy Dawson.

Adeline, Katherine and Majorie with Roy Dawson in uniform. This photo was obtained from Carol Dawson Jones.

Marjorie, Uncle Roy Dawson, Adeline in Maddox Park, Atlanta.

This is the location of Addie Street with the street names of 2011. The 278 was Bankhead Highway in those days but is now Hollowell Parkway. The house was on the corner of Addie Street and Bankhead Highway, facing Bankhead.

Marjorie, Adeline, Mother Izora Dawson, Katherine at the Addie Street house. In this photo you can see its location at the corner of Addie Street and Bankhead Highway. The date of this is a guess. They are in summer dress, in contrast to the winter dress above. At the right edge of the photo you are looking down Bankhead.

Adeline and Marjorie. Unsure about year. If it was 1942 then Marjorie would be 19 and Adeline 21.

Aunt Katherine and Uncle Roy Dawson. Pictured labeled 1942. Brenda thinks this might be at Aunt Katerine's house on Simmons Street.

Brenda's Aunt Katherine and great grandfather Peddicord. Date is a guess. Put in 1942 because it was with a picture labeled 1942 and labeled with the same pen. It is labeled as being in Shades Mountain, Alabama.

Adeline and Marjorie with cousin Buford between them. Brenda thinks the man on the left is Buddy White, a friend of Aunt Katherine's and a friend of the family.

Brenda and Wayne in McDonough, GA where Granny Izora Dawson lived at this time.

This picture was labeled Izora Dawson, Riverdale, but with no date. Brenda remembers Granny Dawson living at McDonough and perhaps at Riverdale at another time. At McDonough, Brenda remembers her in a rural area with chickens and a cat with kittens. Although she was 3 or 4 at the time, she remembers the cat and kittens being under the table and the cat scratching her badly on the knee - she carried the scars into adulthood.

Brenda's family history
Edgar, prewar

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