Edgar in St. Dizier, France


Edgar in uniform during World War II in St. Dizier, France.

Edgar went ashore on Utah Beach three days after D-Day, the Normandy Invasion of June 6, 1944. He spent time at St. Marie Eglese, Cherbourg, Dole and Metz. He spoke of vast underground fortifications at Metz.

This location in St. Dizier is called La Place D'Armes.

Edgar in World War II
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Edgar had this postcard which gives an aerial view of the location where the pictures were taken. You can see a plaza with a statue near the center of the picture, and this is La Place D'Armes, according to Edgar.

The postcard view of the Place d'Armes above and another statue at left.

Edgar drove a jeep for courier and personnel transport later in the war effort in France. His jeep was fixed up with an aluminum housing and a manifold heater, and he says it could outrun any jeep in the outfit. It was quite popular with officers who wanted transportation. They wouldn't let the jeep go unless he went with it so he got to take a good many trips. He got to make a trip to Lyon with some officers who were going there for an investigation of some sort of accident. They were supposed to be gone overnight but didn't make it back for over a week. He was impressed with the beauty of the city, which was not much damaged except that all its bridges were blown out.

A French family they met on the road.

French currency of the time. Note that its issue date is 1944, so it was newly minted.

R.O. and Frank Owsley in the military

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