The Duncan Family


Bob White, Uncle Albert Ivey, Uncle Roy Dawson, Wayne Thomas and Herbert Duncan. This was on a Sunday afternoon about March 1949. Brenda remembers going to see Bob White at Georgia Baptist Hospital soon after that in his final illness. It then only had a West Wing. They parked on East Avenue and walked to the hospital. Bob's wife Sally was a good friend of Aunt Katherine, and was close enough to the whole family to be known as Aunt Sally. When we had the wreck in 1961, and Aunt Sally came to Georgia Baptist Hospital to see Brenda, she was informed that only immediate family could visit. She replied "I am immediate family", and came right in. She is remembered as a colorful character.

Brenda's recollection was that this group would be at the house about every other Sunday. On the alternate Sundays, Uncle Ted and Aunt Edna Ergle with Marie and Richard would visit.

Brenda family history

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