100th Birthday of Peddicord

This picture shows one of the many connections of Rev. Ed Wix to our family. Denise sent this one to us from the family album. We think this was on the occasion of the 100th birthday of Peddicord, Granny Dawson's stepdad. "Peddicord" was all the name Brenda ever knew. He was the second husband of Granny Peddicord, Granny Dawson's mother. He lived in a cabin near Birmingham, and visited Brenda's family occasionally in the summer.

This house was the pastorium for Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church where Rev Wix lived, across from the church. Brenda spent a week with them here waiting to go to Camp Pinnacle. Herb was on the road doing steel work, and Brenda stayed behind to be able to go to Camp Pinnacle. She spent a week with the Wix's and a week with Gladys Bishop.

This is a picture of Peddicord in front of the Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church. This is the way Brenda remembers Mt. Pisgah when she first started attending there as a child.

Denise's Birth

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