Gathering at the Nave House on the Hill


Rod, Philippe and Janet on the white mare Kate that Philippe and I rode around the countryside bareback. That bridle was all the gear we ever had for that mare, but she sure gave us a great deal of pleasure. She was good natured, but every now and then we would make her mad and she would veer over toward a tree to try to scrape us off. We learned pretty good Indian style riding to swing our leg over to avoid the trees. At this time Rod was 14, Philippe 12, and Janet 7.

I don't recall the occasion in early 1954, but it seems like a happy one. In back are Carl and Naomi Nave, Sue Nave, and Rod. In front clowning are Philippe and Janet.

This is the Nave homeplace on the hill, about 5 miles from Newport. Rod and Philippe were born in this house.

Edgar, Rodney and Carl on the front porch of the house on the hill.

A great school picture of Janet shows her exuberant spirit.

Dorothy with Shirley and Suzanne. Suzanne was born in 1954.This is close to the final form of the house since we had enclosed the porch with screened walls.

To September gathering.

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