I don't know how Janet made such good friends with this elk, but it makes a nice picture. Dated March 1958

Above, Edgar leans on their 1956 Chevrolet station wagon in a picture labeled April, 1958. Probably in Owensboro, Kentucky and they were having a late snow. The above picture may be on the river in Owensboro, but Edgar went fishing down at the lakes around Paducah, so it could be around there.

Edgar with one of his intricate models. There was no date on this picture, but it was with some others dating from around 1958. I remember him making very detailed models of both ships and airplanes about this time, and I was amazed at the craftmanship. That was one of the things he modeled for me, careful craftmanship and attention to detail.

Naomi Nave has a look at infant Leland at Aunt Pearl's house. Leland was born on September 20.

Mother's school picture at East Newport School. All of us went to grammar school at that school and Mother started to work in the school cafeteria when Philippe started to school in 1947. She worked there until he graduated from high school in 1959.

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