Christian Fellowship at the BSU

Winter, 1960

The old BSU House on Techwood Drive was a welcome gathering place after classes at Georgia Tech. Far from being formal, this gathering of Tech guys at the Baptist Student Union was more likely to break out into a full-fledged wrestling match. Involved in this one are Butch Henderson, Norman Petty, Clayton Teague, Sam Shelton, and Henry Fields. From the fellowship which grew out of free-for-alls and craziness sometimes grew meaningful Bible studies and discussions which impacted the way we lived.

This is an evening gathering of Georgia Tech students for a Bible Study. The taking of this picture was apparently delaying things, since the clock on the wall says 6:43 and our standard starting time was 6:41 . The community which grew at this time has lasted beyond the bounds of the next century. It was a remarkable privilege to be a part of such a close fellowship. Learning in practical terms to live out "love your neighbor as yourself", many of us cemented our intent to live out our lives as followers of Christ.

Front row, L-R: Art Sherwood,?, Boyd (Tex) Moore, ?, R.B. Coulter. Second row: Doug Couch, Ronnie Jones, Clayton Teague, Will (Butch) Henderson, Sam Shelton, Jerry Phillips, Norman Petty. Third row: Tommy Rocker, John Lowe, Bill Miller, ?. In back George Kreider.

Ice storm in Atlanta

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