This was a year of great changes. Brenda and Rod were engaged in the spring and planned to marry as soon as Brenda graduated from Georgia Baptist School of Nursing. Rod got his degree in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech in June and prepared to enter graduate school in Physics in the Fall. Then tragedy struck on the day after Thanksgiving when they had a terrible wreck which put Brenda in the hospital for a month with a compression fractures of her lumbar spine, a skull fracture and a broken ankle. Rod was having a terrible time with the changeover from EE to Physics and the end of the year was a great struggle. By the grace of God and with the strong support of both families and our church, we made it to the end of the year.

In March, Brenda and Rod made a trip to Arkansas to visit family.

In June, Rod graduated from Georgia Tech with a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering.

One of the fun events at the church during the summer was a Hawaiian banquet.

Leland Nave's third birthday is celebrated in September.

A picnic with Aunt Pearl Bunch.

On the day after Thanksgiving on the way from the Concord covered bridge toward Floyd Road, Rod did not see the stop sign at Hicks Road and was struck broadside by a new Cadillac.

Some pictures of friends from the BSU in fall 1961.

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