Fall Events

November 23

The Senior Choir Ensemble from Atlanta First Baptist Church presented "God's Trombones" at the ministers of music conference at the chapel in Callaway Gardens. Rod sang in this ensemble through several performances while in graduate school.

November 24

We presented "God's Trombones" at the Thanksgiving Service at Atlanta First Baptist. Bill Huie did the Creation narrative. Jim Jones did the Judgment Day narrative, and Ruth Trager, Edith Whittaker, Ouida Sara and Gene Cliett had speaking parts. Other members of the group were Coy O'Bar, Richard and Kay Botters, Charles Brooks, Mike and Viola Jones, Ted Wood, Everett and Ouida Sara, Don and Susie O'Neal, Jane Young, Brenda Shoemaker, Rita Heckl and Barbara Crudup.

November 27

We had a big Thanksgiving dinner at our house at 120 Dodgen Place, Mableton. Present were Warren and Sue Woolf, Aubrey Bush, Sam Shelton, Gary Bonds, Ronnie Jones, Tex Moore, Norman Petty and his sister, Laddie Rollins and his date, and Rogers Redding. After dinner we played pool, ping-pong, etc in the basement.

November 28

Had Thanksgiving dinner for Brenda's family. Sherry and Len were here from Savannah.

December 3

Had Christmas party at the church, after which Wayne and Barbara Huey, Dave and Joyce Farr, Ray and Kathy Dorsett, Ronnie and Linda Jones and Tom and Merrill Burel came out to our house to play pool.

Family visit at Marjorie's

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