Family Dinner at Mama's

December 24, 1967

We had a big dinner at Mama's for the family, which was the first time we had seen some of them in over a year.

Granny Dawson, Adeline, Bessie left. Aunt Katherine and Granny Dawson right.

Sherry, Wayne and Brenda Ivey foreground.

Left: Brenda, J.T. Daniel. Right:Marjorie, Sherry, Wayne background.

Left: Bessie, Mary Daniel, Marjorie. Right: Wayne, Brenda, J.T., Bessie, Katherine at end.

Wayne makes way as we all settle at the long table.

At right end J.T. Daniel and Adeline Ivey.

Granny Dawson, Bonnie, and Aunt Katherine make it to the table.

After dinner, Lynne and the rest of us watched Darlene open some of her Christmas presents.

Christmas Eve at Mama's

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