Aerial View of Atlanta

May 22, 1970

Bob Reilman, a pilot for Eastern Airlines and an adjunct faculty member of the Physics Department at Georgia State, offered us a ride over Atlanta in his private plane. We met him at Charlie Brown Airport and enjoyed a great view of the city. The view above is looking slightly south of East at the downtown area including the Capitol. The tallest building just right of center is the First National Bank Tower. The other two tall buildings in the center are the Equitable Building and the Trust Company Building.

This viewpoint is looking slightly east of south at the downtown Atlanta area. The most recognizable buildings are the Equitable Building on the right and Grady Hospital just left of top center.

View southward to the Capitol and the Stadium. The view is bounded on the extreme left by Grady Hospital and the most prominent feature in the right half of the frame is the First National Bank Tower.

This small section of downtown has the Capitol and the First National Bank Tower. It is bounded on the right by the Archives Building and on the extreme left by Georgia State University, which mostly shows as parking lots.

This view looks at the downtown area, viewing slightly south of east, looking directly at the Georgia State University location. You can recognize the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium in the foreground of Grady Hospital. You can see the Hurt Building and it appears that the General Classroom Building is under construction just to the right of it.

The carving on Stone Mountain.

Upon our return, Bob Reilman stands in front of his plane with Gus Petitt and Bob Hankla.

Brenda was waiting for us at the airport with infant Mark. Jeff enjoyed climbing around on the plane. It was a memorable afternoon.

Brenda on the couch in the den with Mark and Jeff after our afternoon's adventure.

Rod takes his turn with Jeff and Mark.

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